Stanley Greening

My work openly explores and dismantles the boundaries between life and death, embracing an age old contemplation.

I lost my son, Louis, in June 2020 in extremely tragic circumstances. My new emotionally charged work is an honest and powerful expression of my grief, exploring spirituality and transformation as a view to immortality. Images suggest a spiritual transformation with a radiating energy. The ethereal emerges as a sign of hope and optimism beyond our physicality. They are like visions, a spiritual awakening.

I am interested in how, often in great despair or grief, ‘we’ may reach out to belief systems in an attempt to makes sense of things and regain purpose. Whilst the work is of a none-religious nature some images appropriate familiar symbols in order to reference human nature, its infinite curiosity/need to gain meaning and its acquired inability to escape self-cognizance.

‘Scatter my immortal soul amongst your eternal memories and I shall see you when the light calls.’  Stanley Greening


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