Digital Drawings

hand drawn in photoshop (8 works)

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All sizes are approximate.

Using the computer to draw was something quite new to me. I found using a graphics tablet and pen similar to pencil and paper in some ways but quite divorced from it in others. The ability to zoom in made accessing detail easier and using multiple layers presented me with new options like layered transparencies and blurring. I found it a useful tool to play with ideas, especially with the ability to copy and paste etc. I haven’t given up on digital I just prefer torturing paper and creating marks and surfaces in the real world. One bonus with digital is you can print as big as you want.

Prints are all signed, limited editions of 20.
Quality: highest quality fine art print on acid-free paper, by Chau Digital, London.

A1 – £365 mounted
A0 – £465 mounted
For larger prints – please contact me. (Printing costs approx £100 for an A1 print. Larger sizes will be subject to increase in printing and framing costs)


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